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Testimonial for Annette BradfordElegance Beauty Coiffure


The first time I heard of Annette was from a friend at work Lyndsey. Lyndsey is a great person and put so much attention and research into her wedding it was like a military operation, resulting in a fairy-tale experience. When my niece got married several months later and I heard she had booked Annette I was so pleased as I knew she had booked the absolute best.


I met Annette the day of my nieces wedding. Annette was amazing. Annette is clearly so talented at hair and make up, her ideas are creative and she is a perfectionist. My niece looked stunning on her wedding day and I know that this was down to Annette’s talents (and her natural beauty too!). On the day Annette also did the hair for my nieces and great nieces, one of whom was really not keen to have her hair done. Despite several attempts by her Mummy and other family members including trying to pretend that Father Christmas was on the phone it was only Annette that could persuade her to have her hair done. Annette had only met her that day and won her over instantly. My niece is also very quiet but she too was able to feel so relaxed with Annette and although there was a room full of nerves, Annette helped everyone to be relaxed and have a fun time.


I also had my hair and make up done on the day by Annette and she made me feel a million dollars. Annette seems to only need to know to you for a few minutes and she has a perfect understanding of you and your sense of style. I was so pleased with how I looked and everyone commented on my fabulous hair.


As soon as I met Annette I knew that I wanted her for my own wedding and was very pleased that she was free!


I have had my trial with Annette at her shop. I felt that her shop it itself was part of the experience. It is not your average salon, it is beautiful and chic and the moment you step inside you feel welcome and like a princess.


Annette spent a great deal of time on my hair and makeup and was full of great ideas and lots of patience, I am not the most decisive person in the world! I am also very aware of my size ( a lot larger than I would like to be!) which has had an impact on how I see myself. I feel very under confident and am really nervous about how I will look on my wedding day. I can honestly say that by the time I left Annette’s I felt fantastic!


I felt very comfortable talking to Annette and sharing that I was gay. In all the wedding planning and preparation we have had sadly my partner and I have not had the best experience from some professionals and we have had occasions where we have been made to feel uncomfortable. There is nothing in Annette’s presentation that has made us feel like this, completely the opposite she has made us completely comfortable.


I feel that it is clear that Annette would be accepting and professional in any circumstances.


My partner does not wear makeup and has struggled to feel comfortable in preparing for our wedding knowing what to wear etc. When she returned from seeing Annette from her trial though the her confidence had soared. She had gone to the appointment dreading it and came back feeling great and felt she had been made to feel special and comfortable.


In getting to know Annette I have noticed how on Facebook she actively shares information about wedding fairs and community events. It is clear that she is not only passionate about what she does but is also a strong advocate for the wedding profession. It is very interesting to read her posts and I have had the opportunity to pass this information on to others who are planning their wedding.


I am writing this 9 days before my own wedding and it is fair to say I am a stressed bride to be, however I was determined to find the time to write this as I believe Annette is worth this time. I have been so impressed by her as a person and a professional. I think that she absolutely deserves to continue to be recognised for her excellence.


I am also confident thatI can write this before she has done my own wedding hair and make up as I have 100 % faith in the fact that this will be amazing too.


In summary I cannot recommend or thank Annette enough. I feel that her talents, personality, respect for difference, ability to make everyone of all ages and personalities feel comfortable, her commitment to her profession and community mean that Annette provides something that is above and beyond others. 

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