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Busy Wedding Fayres 

Busy Wedding Fayres 

Well it’s started getting busier now with weddings booked and attending wedding Fayres. 

I did the Portsmouth Guildhall Fayre with PMN wedding Fayres and worked a little magic doing hair and make up for the models for the catwalk 

Then I was at The Old Thorns Golf and Country Club week after working magic in future brides to be. This was another busy day 

Recently attended The Brookfield Hotel on Sunday. What a busy well organised Fayre run by Jamie Drew (manager) and Micah ( Mrs Bouquet) 

Never stopped doing hair all day again. Mind you I wouldn’t have it any other way 

Then one Monday I had agreed to get 15 young ladies hair done for a charity event in London, these 15 girls turned into 11 all from Manic Stage Productions starting at 9 had to be completed by 1 I managed it all 1920’s styling. Had a busy but fabulous day with all these pretty girls 

So I’m going to share some pictures from all three Fayres 

Photos are taken by me on iPhone 

The guildhall 
Old Thorns (pic above is before and after) 

Roaring 20’s Manic Stage Productions 

Just a few pics from The Brookfield Hotel 

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